Crews Crew Bracelets!

With your bracelet orders, we were able to send Brittani Leach + her family $1,092.00 so far and I will continue to have them for sale on my site Here.

If you haven't heard their story, her three month old sweet baby Crew was found not breathing during his nap. Seeing each image she posted of her sweet baby in the hospital completely broke my heart and I kept putting myself in her shoes. Her tiny hero Crew went to be with the Lord December 30, 2019. You can follow Brittani on
Instagram and YouTube. She's such a joy to follow and truly an inspiration!

Brittani shared the bracelets I gifted her on her Instagram and I received an overwhelming (in the best way) response of people wanting to buy them. I'm SO grateful we can help this mama in a small way through the Crew's Crew Bracelet to honor her son, Crew. With each Crew Bracelet sold, 40% of the proceeds are going directly to Brittani and her family. This was such a beautiful act of kindness and amazing to see this community on Instagram rally behind a hurting mama that most of us have never met. I am so excited for you to get your new pretties in the mail + don't forget to share on Instagram so we can show our support!




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