In the Studio with Alexandra Gioia

I was so honored when Edelle and Co. asked if I wanted to be featured in an eBook that Crème Brands is creating! What's a girl to say other than "heck yes"!? The eBook is all about education and branding your business. Love! I am really excited to see the finished product but until it comes out, here are some shots Edelle and Co. captured. 

What used to be my jewelry studio is being converted into our little ones nursery – due June 27! That didn’t stop us from recreating what it used to look like.

I’ll be honest, my desk is NEVER this organized but all the materials I design pieces with are so pretty that I don’t mind a beautiful mess! My husband on the other hand doesn't feel the same. :)

I've been incorporating a lot of pink into my jewelry designs lately. It may be because we're having a little girl or I'm just really obsessed with blush and neutrals. I love designing necklaces that are versatile and can be worn with a simple maxi dress or jeans and a tee shirt.

Some days I'm in the mood for jewels that really make a statement and there's others when I just want something simple and dainty!

Our Horn Necklaces are my latest obsession! With summer quickly approaching I haven't wanted to invest in any more maternity clothes so I've been living in comfy maxi dresses and pair them with one of our longer length necklaces. Feather | Speckled Horn | Crescent Horn

I was 26 weeks preggo and couldn’t resist having Daniela take a couple of the bump.

We had such a fun morning shooting and what a sweetheart Daniela is! Make sure you check out her work at and the original interview I did for her Small Business Series.

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  • Awww, such a lovely post! Thanks for the inside scoop on AG. Love, love, LOVE your pieces!! Keep up the good work!

    Nicole Underwood Gonzalez on

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